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Mar 8

The Great Gatsby

Just watched the Great Gatsby, have been wanting to watch it for a while now after reading it last year.

Had a bit of a modern twist, but loved it :)

Mar 4

Pancake Day

Love pancake day, anyone who knows me will know this. Pancakes are like my favourite food and to be fair I don’t need pancake day as an excuse to eat them, but obviously I have to eat them on pancake day!!

English Pancakes... so so good!! Dad's the best cook :)

How do you eat them? I love the classic lemon and sugar, but I am also a bit partial to melted chocolate and ice cream!

Candy Dress

I saw this dress, someone’s version of the Candy dress on Burda, and had to make one.

It is yet another free pattern, I do like my freebies, otherwise the cost of patterns could soon add up.

You can get the pattern here.

I love the collar mainly and the way the back scoops down and that it was quite simple, no zip or anything.

This is the design of the front and back.


So my basic pattern was this, from plain black fabric, with an idea to print a design onto it.

So I got to work and printed the pattern, here it is on my living room floor.

Then got cutting out the pieces, only a front and two back pieces, nice and easy.

After looking at the pattern I decided not to make the collar out of lots of circles separately, but redesigned it, so that it was in just two pieces.

I then cut these out, so they were doubled up.

Now that make it all sound very nice and simple, but I somehow turned something that should (and actually is) nice and simple into something very complicated.

I ending up doing a lot of unpicking and fiddling. Mainly because I sewed things in a different order and changed the collar and sewed an all in one facing and then come a little unstuck. I know how I would do it differently next time, but that was little consolation when I felt like I was unpicking a stupid mistake for the hundredth time.

Anyway I have plans for another of these dresses, but with a twist and this time it should actually be simple!

Happy with how it came out though, despite not looking like it in this picture!!

Love the back.

Have put a little bow belt that I got for a bargain a while back, but have not yet worn. 

I had/ have plans to print a design on this, but after my Mum’s comment of ‘won’t it spoil it?’ I’m not so sure. I do quite like it and would it spoil it?? Now I don’t know.

I had made these designs with thoughts of birds, foxes or a heart print.

Hmmmm, what to do?! Any advice? I don’t want to ruin it, but also don’t want to hold back and not make it into the dress that I was hoping for and end up leaving it a little boring.

Grey Cap Sleeve Dress

I’ve seen a lot of cap sleeved dresses recently that I love and so decided to make a grey one.

This was my design:

I also decided to make my own pattern, so started off with my block pattern and started to make some changes. I started with the sleeves and then made a muslin from an old bed sheet. (Yes me, I made a muslin, but wasn’t sure how this was going to come out).

I cut out the pieces and made it up with an old zip to check fit.

As you can see I had to make a few adjustments, so after a few changes I got gong on the real fabric.

I used my newly made pattern and added a skirt part to it.

Once cut out I sewed it up and added a zip.

Then for the next fitting.

Still a few issues, sleeves needed changing a bit, they were a bit wide, and the skirt was a bit crazy at the sides.

It also needed a wash as the fabric was a bit starchy and this helped it look much better and a good iron helped too.

And this is how it turned out:

Green Shirt Dress

I knew I wanted a bottle green dress, but didn’t just want the same old thing, especially seeing as this was a plain fabric. So I browsed images of dresses that I have saved and searched the net for things that I liked.

I eventually come up with this design, I didn’t want a plain back and have recently seen some lovely dresses with bow backs and I have also seen some great shirt dresses, so combined the two.

I decided to have buttons all the way down the front, I had considered other options.

Then for a pattern, because I was doing a shirt dress I decided to reuse my JJ Shirt pattern from Burda that I used for a couple of shirts that I made, you can see one here.

The pattern is free, even better, and you can find it here.

I used this is combination with my block pattern, which you can see below.

Then after sewing it all together I started experimenting with the bow back detail.

This is the first bow that I tried, but it seemed much too small.

So after a bit of unstitching, I made a larger bow, which I was much happier with.

Then for the buttons, and there was a lot of them. I started off pinning where I wanted them to go.

Look at all those pins.

Then I selected buttons from my stash that I wanted to use. I could have bought all matching ones, but thought I’d go for a selection of different green ones.

I lined them up with how I wanted to put them on, then got sewing and sewing…

Then for all those buttonholes. Somehow in all these years I have been sewing I had not discovered this buttonhole foot for my sewing machine, it is amazing.

If you are not using it, then make sure you do. My buttonholes are now neat, perfectly aligned and all the exact same size, love it (and I didn’t even have to buy it, it was there all along in with my sewing machine equipment).

This is my finished dress.

and the back:

Honey and Oat rolls

I love the Honey rolls you get in subway, so decided to find a recipe with a honey topping. I made a white bread dough, made it into rolls, then made a topping using warmed honey, oil and oats.

They rose well and ended up rather large, but were yummy, like the sweetness of the honey. And made a good sandwich with lettuce, red pepper, chillies, cheese, ham, onions, chilli sauce and mayonnaise, was good :).

Great British Sewing Bee is back

The Great British Sewing Bee is back on 18th Feb.

Love that there is finally something sewing related on tele and a second series too.

Illustration and new dress

Despite the fact that I am still part way through the making of my black lace dress, I have started yet more projects, so much for my finish one project at a time idea! But I get a little excited by new ideas and want to get started on them. Have even ordered MORE fabric, some black floral satin and some navy cotton for another two projects I have in mind.

This morning I decided, while trying to decide what fabric I should make my new dress from, to draw an illustration on which to draw my new ideas and designs.

So I worked this from a hand drawn illustration and got it simplified and on to the computer. That done, I started to design my new dress onto it.

I am making the Candy Sun dress, a simple dress from a free pattern on Burda, check it out here.

I am making it in black with a white collar, love the collar, although am changing it slightly, it will look similar, but didn’t want to make it from lots of circles, but as one collar.

This is the simple outline. Now for fabric; I knew I was going for black and white, but the dress is a little quirky with its collar, so wanted a nice print fabric. I admire a lot of fabrics from afar, but could end up spending a fortune. I had a few in mind, cherries, strawberries, floral?

But then decided that If I bought some white fabric paint as a base, I could print my own? Why not? I did after all print my plantain t-shirt.

I will post my progress with this once I get the paint through the post and start experimenting.

So then for what design I want. I have admired many a fabric print, mushrooms, foxes, birds, owls. I want something quirky, but not crazy. I have seen others and am prone myself to falling in love with a fabric that is a lovely print, but then just doesn’t work for an item. Sometimes a plain fabric would have worked much better.

So here are some designs, what do you think?

A birds/ swift design in white? Simple, pretty, not too crazy.

Or foxes? Definitely quirky, cute and am leaning towards this one!

Well I am going to get on with the dress and then mull over my options for print.

I also have another Candy dress inspired to design in mind if this one comes out well. 

Pizza Soup with garlic bread and cheese! Yum, my dinner tonight.
Recipe here:

Pizza Soup with garlic bread and cheese! Yum, my dinner tonight.

Recipe here:

Feb 9

What to make next?

Thoughts of what I am making next are always whirring around in my head, before I have even finished my current projects and even others I have linned up, not to mention projects that need adjusting or fixing!

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and so many patterns, fabric and ideas that I want to try out.

It is so tempting to keep adding to the collection and not finish things off, must finish off projects before starting a new one, must finish off before starting a new one, have to keep reminding myself!

Here are a few things that I am currently quite excited about.

I love reading loads of different blogs and get very excited about new indie patterns that get blogged especially when I see all the different versions out there!

Loving Deer and Doe at the moment, their patterns are so cute, want to make the Belledone as well as most of the others, liking the hawthorn above left too, have been admiring this for a while.

Really love the Candy sundress at the bottom and it is free too, want to make this NOW!! Love the collar, though will adjust how I make it, as this seems to be made from lots of circles, but think it will be cute as one piece.

Love the scallop shape on the blue/ white dress above too.

Then I have been wanting to make a macaroon style dress for a while. I have ideas for either a rose black fabric with a plain black top part or a black dress with a lace top, hmmmm, decisions decisions.

Also on my list, have been hunting for fabric for a while because I want something just right, is the dress below. I saw the image on the left some while back (haven’t even seen the front and in love with it), but was thinking a long Anna dress? in a satiny floral fabric?? Not sure when I would wear this, but do love it.

I will no doubt have loads more ideas and plans and I always have a ton of images that I’ve saved that give me no end of ideas, just need to get making. Not sure I have all the time to make all of these or the places to wear them all!! 

But must get other projects finished first!! Have a purple and a grey dress that are just plain and not a great fit that I want to work on and a few other things to get sorted, not to mention my black lace dress that is yet to be completed. Must stop blogging (and reading blogs) and get to work! I’m sure I spend a whole lot more time in the blogging world than I do actually making, anyone else have this problem?