Surf Jewels


Leaf and acorn garland

Another piece for the Little Haven’s charity yarn bomb. I decided to make a forest garland.

More info here:

Why not join in, there is still time even if you can crochet something small on the woodland theme.

What to make next? I might make a big toadstool or an owl.

Butterfly card

Another card made on my new paper cutting machine. It can cut pretty intricate designs.

Butterfly card

Another card made on my new paper cutting machine. It can cut pretty intricate designs.

Little Red Riding Hood

This was very fiddly with lots of different bits of different coloured papers to cut out and then to put back together again, but it does look cute.

As you may have noticed I am a bit of a fan of fairy tales.

Mad Hatters Tea party

I love Alice in Wonderland, so this card reflects that, a silhouette of the trees and the Cheshire cat with the mad hatters tea party going on inbetween.

Another Paper cut Card

The latest addition to my paper cut cards, this one was a bit fiddly, but looks cute.

Another Paper cut card

You may see a few of these cards on my blog, as I am experimenting and trying new things out.

This was a design I found and cut out, looks pretty though.

Jul 9

Paper Cutting

After getting my new paper cutting machine I obviously have to have a play with different ideas and I have a lot of ideas to try out.

One of the things that persuaded me to get one of these was that I could design anything I wanted and it would cut it out for me, so I got to drawing.

I drew this design out on paper then photographed it and after some experimenting (I did it in pencil first, but went over it in pen as it didn’t come out well first attempt) managed to get it on the program and then cut it out.

Pretty pleased for my first attempt, no doubt I’ll be designing and making more soon.

Jul 8

Vegetable Stones

I haven’t blogged much about my veg patch this year, but it’s still going! No doubt you’ll see some random shape veg in the near future!! But I am already eating lettuce :)

But this post is not so much about the actual veg, as about veg markers. I saw this idea for pebble markers online and loved it. I thought a great project withno having to go and buy anything or too difficult. It was in fact a lot easier than I thought.

I collected some pebbles that I thought would work, then wrote the veg names on with a Sharpie (I would just like to say at this point that I love Sharpies! A pen that can write on anything, what can go wrong?!)

Then I drew on the images and thought I would then have to dig out maybe acrylic paints or something, but I thought I’d just try a coloured sharpie, fully expecting it to not really show up on the pebbles, but guess what, lovely bright colour even on stone, love it. So went on to colour them in. Really pleased, they’ve come out pretty, bright and fun. Perfect to put among the veg and no hassel to make. 


I thought I better take some pics in the veg patch, so heres my toms.


My carrots and below my garlic, all doing nicely. I’m trying to grow things that do not get eaten straight away (my beans and cucumbers got eaten within a few days, was not happy after all the nurturing and watering I gave them!)


And here’s my potatoes in the sunshine :)


Love this quick and easy project, will prob make more as and when I plant new veg.

Jul 7

Two Little Crochet Toadstools

I made two little toadstools

I made these for the charity crochet installation, more info here:

Jul 6

Crochet Fox

I saw a pattern for this little fox quite a while back, but didn’t have an excuse to make it, but now I do. Perfect for a woodland themed crochet project.

You have have seen my previous post about the Little Havens woodland charity crochet installation, I am making woodland inspired items to help out.

Anyone can join in, the information is here:

So get crocheting, or learn to crochet, you can make some cute little ami things too :) I made these a while ago here and here, check them out.

Also if you’re not already on Ravelry, get on it, the best and I mean BEST place to find crochet and knitting patterns, love it!

So these pics are my little fox sleeping in situ, isn’t he cute?

I have plans to make owls, toadstools, leaves and acorns, like I said before, watch this space…

Oh and I found this pattern here: