Surf Jewels



I saw this bird and loved the silhouette, not sure what I’m going to do with this yet, just thought it was pretty and delicate.

Owl silhouette card

I made this card with matching envelope and used my shaped scissors to cut my paper decoratively.  

Bird Card

Another combination of printed paper, cut out silhouettes and a handmade envelope.

More Cards

Another card that I made, love how intricate and pretty they come out.

Heart Card

Another card that I made using my silhouette cutting machine, I even made a heart envelope to match.

Butterfly Card

I designed and made this butterfly card on my silhouette software. 

I used paper to line the card and so you can see it through the butterfly cut outs.

Making my Own Envelopes

I decided to make envelopes to go with my cards that I made.

I started off by choosing and printing some nice papers, then cut the shape out, folded and stuck them together.

Card Making

I have been making cards, and playing with my new card cutting machine too. 

I cut lots of silhouettes out from black card.

Then played with how to lay them out, I like the red highlights with the black silhouettes.

And these are the cards I made.

I even made my own envelopes :)

Oct 9

Another Sewing book

Another sewing book I got from the library, this one is more technical and I have a few like this already.

It is quite good borrowing them from the library, having a read and then if you want it you can  go out and buy it.

Oct 8

Great British Sewing Bee

As many other sewers out there you probably avidly watched the Sewing Bee, as it was one of very few sewing programs on TV and on my recent mission to read some more sewing books, I got hold of the book to go with the first series of the sewing bee from the library.

I quite liked this book, comes with lots of patterns and gave me lots of ideas. Look at all the items you can make:

And here’s a couple of things that caught my attention:

Love a shirt.

and have been meaning to make PJs for a while now.