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All the pretty flowers are starting to come out now, must mean we are definitely into spring

New Camera

I may have mentioned before that I have got a new camera, possibly a little excited about it!

So here’s a pic of me using it :).

New Jewellery

It’s been a little while since I made some new jewellery, but I made this necklace and stud earrings. 

It is a combination of pewter, paper and then varnished.

I wanted to make a dress to wear to a friends wedding and I had something like this in mind. I love the turquoise colour and the shape is pretty too.

Love the pleats at the neckline.

Like the low back also.

So I wanted my dress something a bit like this:

v neck, not too low with pleats and a low back, but not too low, so that it doesn’t show my bra. 

I started off by draping and pinning my fabric to my mannequin to get an idea of how it would look.

After that I started altering my bodice block pattern, adding in extra for the pleats and for a front seam where it would join. I always make these in newspaper, perfect size and no worries about mistakes, you can make a lot of different attempts.

I then sewed it all up, making the skirt a large rectangle and adding pleats.

Sorry about the picture (a mirror reflection, with a lot of added bedroom junk). I wasn’t happy with this, the pleats made it stick out too much, mainly due to choice of fabric, but love the matt turquoise.The top bit didn’t look right either, the waistband was too low and wanted to move it to just below the bust.

I actually do take things apart now rather than leaving it as an unfinished project. So I just undid the back, took off the skirt and tried again. I then sewed it without the pleats, but still wasn’t happy. It just didn’t look right.

So next job- try a circle skirt, and I also added a waistband. Circle skirt much better, though waistband was too wide. I altered the waistband into two sections (would make it narrower if was to do this again, but lacked fabric in the end and didn’t want to end up with a dress that was too short. I wanted a dress that would take me from daytime church wedding to evening).

I also discovered the zipper foot for my sewing machine recently, how did I not know these existed before?!

I was putting in an invisible zip and this is great for this.

Invisible zips seem pretty easy to put in, I was once told, by someone that worked in a haberdashery, that they never used invisible zips because they didn’t like them, and because they are more expensive too, I have never really used them myself, but the last few projects I have made I have wanted a zip in the back that you couldn’t see, so I got invisible zips, they seem fine, easy to put in and look good. 

This is how the back of the dress looks.

Zip is pretty invisible. 

This is the finished dress, waistband is a little wide, but other than that I am pretty happy with it. I just wonder if I could make the pleats a little more like they looked when I draped it on my mannequin. I did consider unsewing them and just having them caught in at either end, but wasn’t sure, so didn’t risk it. Maybe I will at a later date.

Love the back of the dress, pretty happy with this.

Wore a belt around the middle, so the waistband wasn’t an issue.

I styled it with a little peach cardigan, a belt and shoes, was pretty happy with how it looked (and I did do my hair and make-up before leaving the house btw, I am just too lazy when taking photos of my projects. I did say I must sort this out!)

Handmade Cards

Every now and then I have a bit of a card making session. I like to have cards ready for everyone’s birthdays and events, I have had too many occasions where I am trying to do a last minute card and it is never as nice as I want it.

So here are the cards I made.

Lots of butterflies.


The happy birthday song (and yes those are the real music notes :) )

and hearts.

I printed a lot of scrap book paper, a lot of which I found through Pinterest or Google images, used shaped scissors and did a lot of layering.

Camera Bag

New camera means I needed a new camera bag. Even before I had a DSLR camera I had been looking at these bags, they look more like a normal bag than a camera bag and I love that. So have just ordered myself one. I am also hoping that rather than having a bag and a camera bag to lug around, I will be able to fit my camera and my other stuff in this one.

Love that it is brown leather and messenger style, cute.

New Camera

My new camera, obviously I had to take my pic with my little compact canon.

New Camera

My Mum and Dad got me an early birthday pressie, a DSLR camera!!

I have been looking at them for an age, but have never brought myself round to buying one.

My dad has always had one which I have always nabbed when I wanted to use it, even back when I did an A level in photography when it was a film SLR. I even learned how to develop films and pictures in a dark room, how things have changed, photography is so much more accessible now. 

But now I have one of my own and perfect timing too as we took a family trip up to Norfolk, staying in a lovely old barn conversion with 14 of my family :). Was lovely.

This was from one of our trips out to the seaside:

Lots of learning and experimenting to be done now.

Sewing Machine

Just got back from a lovely week in Norfolk and this is the sewing machine they had on the mantle piece. WANT ONE. Tho I would have no where to put it, shame…

Always looking for new dress ideas?

Does anyone else find that they watch TV looking at the dresses and considering ones that you’d like to make?